In addition to our main range of web services, we can also tailor software packages to specific needs. Bespoke software can be created to dramatically reduce the time your employees spend on IT specific tasks.

This includes everything from internal stock monitoring solutions to back up services for your IT infrastructure. We also now provide extremely cost effective SMS services.

Here are some examples of previous work we’ve done, that illustrate just how versatile this service can be:


1. We were approached by a hair salon that wanted to remind its customers of their appointments.Far too frequently, customers were missing scheduled appointments, so we developed a simple application that would SMS customers a reminder text 2 days before the appointment; a simple yet efficient application that reduced the number of lost appointments.




2. A local business would on a daily basis hold up to 20,000 records of work processed per day, and managing the files at the end of the day became the sole job of one individual.The task was made even harder if a particular document had to be found on demand.We subsequently created an application that would completely automate this task – automatically sorting the files, compressing them and giving the ability to instantly access any one file through the business website.




3. A major warehouse client required a system to enable teams around the business to book products in, and for the goods in section of the warehouse to log what has arrived and what hasn’t.For this we developed a website that would allow teams in all departments to book their products for arrival.As this business was dealing with 500 deliveries per day it needed a more robust solution of managing incoming goods, from this the delivery bay would know exactly what to expect each day, and as each product arrived they would mark it on the site as “in”  and it would generate an email to the appropriate member of staff to inform them it was ready for collection.




Anything is possible; let the software do the hard work!

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