From as little as £85, we can set up your own .com (or, etc) domain with a blog preinstalled, and fully hosted for 12 months.

Our ready-to-go blogs use software, which is extremely similar to the interface used on free blogs (except much more powerful and versatile), so you will find using the blog extremely simple and enjoyable. The blog will come optimised for Google and other search engines right out of the box, and you can upload pictures and video to your heart’s content.

Once you log into the blog for the first time, you’ll find a searchable library of thousands of themes ready to use on your site with the click of a button, thousands of plugins to add interactive photo galleries, online shops, literally anything you can think of adding to a blog, it’s probably on there. You can invite users to collaborate on the blog with you, and give them their own login details.

If you’re serious about doing a blog the right way and want more information on how we can help you do it, don’t hesitate to get in touch!