Here is a rough guide to illustrate what a typical website package costs. The final total will vary dependent on whether we need to obtain a new domain name, what extra features will be required etc, but most sites don’t vary too far from what you see here.

Option A)

  • 1-5 page website
  • fully hosted for 12 months
  • maintenance included, option to have regular updates made to the site if needed (see below)
  • includes a or .com domain name registered for 1 year, ( names currently have an optional upgrade to 2 year registrations free of charge).
Option B)

  • 6-11 pages – £599
Option C)

  • 12-16 pages – £649
Option D)

  • 17+ pages – £699

Every website package comes with web-based software that allows you to create additional pages quickly and easily using a wysiwyg editor (that works a little bit like Microsoft Word, but even more simple). There’s an automatic photo uploader within this too. This means that if you intend to have many pages on the website, but don’t mind adding extra ones yourself, the package can work out significantly cheaper.

Updates & Maintenance

Standard maintenance is included in all packages, and any issues not including further development work will be dealt with swiftly upon discovery or request.

For those who require future work to the site, such as new pages added or amended, products added (for an e-commerce site), there are different levels of upgrade packages available to suit your needs.

  • One regular update per month, or up to 12 updates per year at any interval (your choice) – £20 per month
  • One regular update per fortnight, or up to 24 updates per year at any interval (your choice) – £40 per month
  • One regular update per week, or up to 48 updates per year at any interval (your choice) – £80 per month

Standalone updates are priced at £40 per session.


To get a firm idea of what the final costs will be, the best thing to do is ask for a full quotation. To do this, you’ll need to supply a bit of information about what you’d like the end product to be like, what materials there are to work with, etc.

To find out more, please use the contact form to get in touch!